Photos on this website are provided free of charge, with the following restrictions:

1. The photo cannot be modified or edited. (see below for exceptions to this rule)

2. The watermark in each photo must be visible and not covered or obscured.

3. Credit must be given to the photographer in the original post in which the photo is shared.

4. The photo cannot be sold or otherwise used for commercial purposes, for advertising, or otherwise used to make a profit.

Exceptions to Rule 1:
Draw overs are an exception to Rule 1. Draw-overs are allowed as long as they abide by the other rules, with the following addendum: Either the original unmodified image must be shown alongside the draw-over, or a link to the unmodified original image must be provided alongside the draw-over.

If you want to use one of my photos in a way that breaks the above restrictions, please contact me on telegram (@mufflethefox) and request a one-time exception. I am happy to work something out that we can all agree on.

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